For more than 60 years manufacturing quality products in Puerto Rico!

Ecologica CarmeloCARMELO, a family group of Puerto Rican companies, was founded in 1955. Today we celebrate over 63 years of successfully providing high quality materials to the construction industry, thanks to the constant support of our customers. As industry leaders, we are renewing our image, expanding the line of products, strengthening our commitment to continue innovating and meet the needs of our customers.

CARMELO manufactures concrete products including cement-based mortars with a vision of competitive and efficiency cost of general contractor. Concrete products include retaining walls, gardening blocks, architectural blocks, concrete pavers and the famous building blocks of CARMELO. The range of mortars include adhesives or thin sets for tiles, besides the successful MEZCLA multiuse mortar for plastering/stucco as well as blocks laying. These products are designed to be used with or without machinery for application and projection of mortars, eliminating the need to mix cement or sand in each project, minimizing complaints. This product facilitates the work of the bricklayer improving the quality of their effort.

CARMELO is known for the reliability of its products since it owns the aggregates sources that produces about 75% of the raw materials that are used in mortars and tiles adhesives manufactured on the island.  CARMELO is a very well-known recognized name in the construction industry for its reliability, quality and service.

The latest innovation brought by CARMELO, are the GCT Structural Building Components for housing, commercial and industrial construction. The components are resilient offering seismic as well as hurricane capacity, in addition to energy efficiency.