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Structural Insulated Building Components

Emmedue System

GCT Structural Insulated Building Components are prefabricated lightweight sections consisting of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core placed between two layers of galvanized steel welded wire mesh. A steel wire connector is pierced completely through the EPS core and welded to each of the outer layer sheets of galvanized steel welded wire mesh.

Sustainability and Energy Saving

The considerable improvementconsiderable improvementof the thermal comfort inside thehouses built with the EMMEDUE®System is guaranteed by thewidespread presence of expandedpolystyrene core and its very lowheat conductivity which, eliminating the heat bridges,reduce dramatically the consumption of energyand favors those strategies aiming at sustainable development.

Fire Resistant

The quality of the expandedThe quality of the expandedpolystyrene used for our Panelsare of the self-extinguishing type:moreover, the two concrete layerswhich coat the panel side preventits combustion. The fire resistancehas been also verified in tests carried out at differentlaboratories, complying in full with the minimumrequirements of the most demanding regulations.For example, a wall build using the PSM80 panelhas shown a fire resistant rating in accordance withASTM E-119.


The panels are lightweight andThe panels are lightweight andsufficiently rigid at the same time,even before their finishing withCarmelo application machine, sothat they turn out to be extremelymanageable and easy to handleand to assemble even in the most uncomfortableoperating conditions.

Earthquake Resistant

Laboratory tests carried out on one of Laboratory tests carried out on one ofthe EMMEDUE® prototypes made upof tow stairs in true scale have shownthat the structure withstands, with nodamages, strains greater than thosecalculated for a First Class Earthquake regulations.The results obtained during these tests representthe scientific confirmation of what has already beenexperimented in nature many times.

Quick Installation

Several projects built under variousSeveral projects built under variousconditions, in many countries of theworld and using different laborershave shown a remarkable shorteningof the construction time using theEMMEDUE® system compared to those carried outwith the traditional systems. The use of the industrialsystem optimizes the construction process andreduces labor cost.

Hurricane Resistant

Structures build with the EmmedueStructures build with the Emmeduesystem have proved, throughout theyears, their capacity to withstand thehurricane force winds.


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